New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide Unveils New Website

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Albany, NY – The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide (NYAAAS) has unveiled a new website that will enhance its ability to work against the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in the Empire State.

Stephanie Woodward, a spokesperson with the Alliance, says, “The new website,, offers readers the latest news on the physician-assisted suicide debate in Albany; talking points to equip allies for effective advocacy; and video testimonials from terminally-ill persons, disabled people, and others whose life experiences have led them to speak out against doctor-assisted death. Significantly, the website also includes an action alert that allows New Yorkers to e-mail their legislators about this important issue.”

“The NYAAAS is an informal association of many diverse organizations, institutions, agencies and individuals in New York that are committed to preventing the legalization of assisted suicide in the state. Our alliance includes advocates for disability rights, patients’ rights, health care, hospice care, civil rights, senior rights, and various faith communities,” Woodward explained.

Michael Burgess, also an Alliance spokesperson, believes the Alliance is well positioned at the beginning of this year’s legislative session. “The NYAAAS enters 2018 with confidence. Given that the physician-assisted suicide bill did not garner enough support to advance in either the Assembly or the Senate in 2017, it is clear that our message is resonating in the halls of the New York State Capitol,” said Burgess. “In addition, our state’s highest court ruled unanimously this past fall that our state’s ban on assisting suicide is constitutional and rational, and protects long-standing state interests,” Burgess reasoned.

“Our new website reflects our ongoing commitment to protect the State of New York and its people from a measure that would devalue the lives of the most vulnerable. To put it simply, terminally-ill New Yorkers should not be encouraged to take their lives. Instead, they deserve treatment, help, and support. A compassionate society can do no less,” Woodward concluded.

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