Should terminally ill in N.Y. have access to assisted suicide?

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STATEN ISLAND, NY – A group of state legislators and advocates renewed their push Tuesday for terminally ill patients to have access to life-ending drugs.

Still, organizations ranging from the Archdiocese of New York to a slew of anti-suicide groups remain opposed to the legislation.

Diane Coleman, president and CEO of Not Dead Yet, an advocacy organization in Rochester, cited several issues with the legislation.

Coleman said that obstacles in obtaining quality health care could lead individuals to opt for aid in death.

“There are a lot of issues getting quality care,” she said. “It gives them an easy way out.”

“That’s just reality,” she continued. “That our insurance companies are going to do the cheap thing over the right thing.”

Coleman also cited a lack of oversight after a prescription is given to a patient as one of the many issues with the bill, arguing that they can be coerced into opting for aid in dying.

“The bills themselves do not include any type of independent witnesses at the time of ingestion,” Coleman told the Advance. “There’s no way to know.”

Source: “Should Terminally Ill In NY Have Access To Aid In Dying?”,


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