Marine Widow Pleads with Lawmakers to Oppose Assisted Suicide

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Wife of the late activist J.J. Hanson joins doctors urging NY Assembly to kill “Medical Aid in Dying” bill

By Bill McMorris

The widow of Marine-turned-anti-euthanasia activist J.J. Hanson is asking lawmakers to vote down a bid to legalize assisted suicide.

On Monday, Kris Hanson arrived at the statehouse in Albany to speak out against a legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to patients with terminal diagnoses—a practice supporters dub Medical Aid in Dying. Hanson’s husband J.J. campaigned across the country against the practice with the Patients Rights Action Fund while outliving his terminal diagnosis by more than three years. J.J. Hanson, a volunteer fireman and Iraq War veteran, succumbed to brain cancer in December 2017, surrounded by his family, including an infant son. Kris Hanson’s testimony before the Assembly Committee on Health fulfilled a deathbed promise to her husband.

“My husband, J.J. Hanson, asked me to share the final part of his story and to keep fighting to protect terminal patients like him from the legalization of assisted suicide,” Hanson testified on Monday. “We would have missed out on so much if J.J. had been offered, and accepted, the option of assisted suicide.”

Bills to legalize assisted suicide have already been defeated in numerous states in 2018, including heavily Democratic Connecticut and Massachusetts, while Hawaii became the seventh state to legalize the practice. Washington, D.C., also allows for assisted suicide, though zero patients have participated and just two of the city’s 11,000 doctors have registered to prescribe the lethal medication.

Source: “Marine Widow Pleads with Lawmakers to Oppose Assisted Suicide”,

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