Physician-Assisted Suicide Flatlines In Albany

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For several years now, advocates have been working hard to add New York to the list of states that have legalized physician-assisted suicide.

They have failed in 2019. This year’s regular legislative session has come to a close without a single vote being held on this divisive, unnecessary, and destructive proposal.

Bill S.3947-Savino/A.2694-Paulin would reverse New York’s long-standing ban on assisted suicide and allow physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to certain terminally ill adults upon request. The bill could encourage patients to choose physician-assisted suicide based on faulty diagnoses. It could allow terminally-ill patients with depression or other mental health problems to decide to end their lives when they do not truly have the capacity to make such a decision. The bill would invite insurance companies to push patients toward assisted suicide as a cost-saving measure. It would create an incoherent public policy in which the State of New York would discourage suicide in most circumstances, but facilitate it in others. Physician-assisted suicide would do irreparable damage to the physician-patient relationship by making doctors into killers. Finally, the bill would trample upon the sanctity of human life and treat the lives of terminally-ill persons as though they have less value than other human lives. 

The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide thanks legislators in both houses for their bipartisan opposition to physician-assisted suicide.

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