Action Needed To Prevent The New York Legislature From Legalizing Assisted Suicide

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The New York legislature is being heavily lobbied to enact legislation in 2020 to legalize assisted suicide. Governor Cuomo has already indicated he is willing to sign this legislation. If assisted suicide becomes law, it will profoundly impact your patients and your ability to provide health care: Once a prescription for lethal drugs is fulfilled, there is no medical oversight for the actual ingestion of the drugs. Someone who could benefit from the patient’s death could force the patient to take the drugs or even place the drugs in the patient’s food without knowledge or consent. Individuals suffering from depression or mental illness would be prescribed lethal drugs. Death certificates will be falsified to list the patient’s underlying condition as the cause of death rather than lethal drugs. There is no residency requirement, meaning that New York would become a suicide tourism destination.


Physicians can play a vital role as they are effective spokespersons on the issue for legislators and the public at large.  Please complete the form below to join physician colleagues in providing a coordinated effort from the medical community to ensure that New York remains free from lethal drugs. 

Please forward this request to colleagues and encourage them to join this effort.



A project of the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide

As a New York physician, I will work with my colleagues to ensure that assisted suicide does not become legal in our State. I am willing to work with other physicians to do at least one of the following activities:

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