NYAAAS Responds To Asm. Reyes’ Assisted Suicide Rationale

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Albany, NY (01/14/2021)—Earlier today, Assemblymember Karines Reyes (D-Bronx) provided an interview stating her support for physician assisted suicide. The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide offered the following response:

“The most troubling part of the discussion revolved around the issue of dignity. According to Assemblywoman Reyes, dignity is in ‘the eye of the beholder,’ and ‘there is dignity in having ‘choice.” She implied there is no dignity in feeling like a burden or in needing assistance to care for oneself. Her statements are insulting and egregious to our advocates in the disability rights community. We understand that too often the political and medical communities do not see dignity in living life as a person with a disability. In fact, they often do not see the person at all. Tragically, Ms. Reyes’ comments only provide confirmation of the reality of disability-based discrimination. New York should be encouraging how best to decrease the barriers to more equitable healthcare, not making it easier to discount the lives of people living with disabilities.”

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