Should Terminally Ill Patients Have The Right To End Their Lives?

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“‘These [Assisted suicide] policies are especially a danger to people with disabilities of all ages,’ explained Diane Coleman of the disability advocacy group, Not Dead Yet.”

“Coleman said she’s studied other states where medical aid in dying is already in place.”

“‘I think a lot of people assume it’s pain (why people choose to die) but that isn’t the case, the top five reasons are disability-related things like not being able to do the same things you used to do, feeling like a burden on others, feeling like you’ve lost your dignity,’ she tells News10NBC.”

“All issues, Coleman says can be eased with access to proper home care.”

“‘We also know that doctors aren’t that great at predicting the 6 months, I mean I’ve certainly experienced that and many disabled people have been told, well you’re on your last legs here,’ she said.”

“Coleman also has concerns about the safety of the medication being in a home after it is prescribed and filled.”

Source: “Should terminally ill patients have the right to end their lives?,”

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