Activists Push To Build Support For Assisted Suicide

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“The New York bill, whose Senate sponsor is Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, faces strong opposition from the New York State Catholic Conference, representing the state’s Roman Catholic bishops, as well as several other organizations contending the state should not be involved in condoning what the critics have labeled ‘assisted suicide.'”

“In a bill memo, the Catholic Conference branded the bill ‘unsafe for all involved,’ arguing it has ‘inadequate protections for patients most at risk of abuse,’ lacks accountability and has ‘weak conscience protections’ for health care professionals and institutions.”

“Assemblyman Angelo Morinello, R-Niagara Falls, said he sees Medical Aid in Dying as the wrong approach, noting there are medications designed to relieve intense pain being experienced by terminally ill patients.”

“‘The reason that I am not in favor is the potential trauma that families can suffer after the fact — knowing that there was a suicide, which is basically what Medical Aid in Dying is. They can put any fancy name on it they want, but it is condoning suicide. The ravages that the survivors must face, whether it’s short term or long term, have tremendous negative psychological effects.'”

Source: “Advocates push to build support for aid-in-dying measure“,

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