NY advocates for assisted suicide renew push for legalization

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Some groups remain vocally opposed to the legislation, saying it could bring devastating consequences to some New Yorkers. Broadly made up of religious organizations and disability rights groups, a coalition called the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide has warned that if passed, the bill could be used to pressure people with disabilities, seniors or those in low-income communities to choose suicide.

They also warn of a “slippery slope.”

“It will not take long for what is now being billed as an option only for people with terminal illnesses to be available to anyone at all,” Dennis Poust, the director of the New York State Catholic Conference, said in a statement. “What we need is investments in palliative care and hospice, where people can be cared for with compassion and dignity, free of pain and fear as they reach their final days.”

Source: “NY advocates for medically assisted death renew push for legalization,” TimesUnion.com

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