The ‘New York Medical Aid in Dying Act’ is back; so are assisted suicide critics

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“The Center for Disability Rights New York calls the [#AssistedSuicide] bill ‘an existential threat to disabled New Yorkers.'”

“According to the website, if the New York Medical Aid in Dying Act is passed and signed into law, the government will have abdicated its responsibility to ensure disabled New Yorkers have equal protection under the law related to suicide prevention services.”

“‘Instead of being referred for suicide prevention services, disabled people will be given the tools to end their lives,’ said Rebecca Payton, CDR’s senior director of Independent Living Services.”

“Another concern, according to the CDRNYS website, is that the bill defines any person who would die ‘within 6 months without treatment as terminally ill.’ The group argues there are many people with disabilities who can live for decades with the proper treatment.”

Source: “The ‘New York Medical Aid in Dying Act’ is back; so are its critics,”

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