‘Death Tourism’: There’s A Growing Movement To Expand Assisted Suicide In The US

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By Katelynn Richardson

Diane Coleman, president of the anti-assisted suicide disability rights group Not Dead Yet, told the DCNF the states to watch are Massachusetts and New York, which the “well-funded organizations that push these bills” have been targeting the most.

“New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide spokesperson Jason J. McGuire, whose organization has been opposing the bill since it was first introduced seven years ago, told the DCNF that it is difficult to predict what will happen in his state this session since there are so many new members of the legislature, noting it is ‘not a partisan issue.’”

“‘It is taking time for both sides of the debate to lock down where the members stand on this controversial matter,’ McGuire said. ‘Thankfully, this is an issue that crosses party lines, though. It is not a partisan issue and strong opposition is coming from both sides of the political aisle.’”

“McGuire said activists have ‘intensified’ their campaign in 2023, though he remains optimistic about defeating the campaign for physician-assisted suicide in New York.”

“‘There is often a lot of noise around this issue, but not a great demand for it,’ he said. ‘This type of legislation can be defeated, if those who recognize how dangerous it is speak out against it. Suicide should never be be a compassionate society’s solution.’”

Source: “‘Death Tourism’: There’s A Growing Movement To Expand Assisted Suicide In The US,” DailyCaller.com

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