Assisted Suicide Act Gets Last Push Before End Of Session

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By Ashley Dager

[Some] Organizations [opposed to assisted suicide] fear how it will impact people with disabilities.

The ARC New York says in part:

“If medical aid in dying becomes a right in NYS, it’s a right that should be granted to New Yorkers with disabilities as equal citizens…any medical aid in dying legislation must include additional protections for New Yorkers with disabilities to ensure capacity in decision making.”

Others also say it puts the lives of people with disabilities at risk.

“We want to make sure that options for palliative sedation are available for people that are coming to the end of their lives” said New York Association on Independent Living representative Alex Thompson “and hospice is available, all those options, we don’t want people suffering either I think we are all in agreement we don’t want people suffering at the end of their lives its just a disagreement about how they do that.”

Source: “Medical Aid in Dying Act gets last push before end of session,”

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