Activists Continue Push For Assisted Suicide

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By Jamie DeLine

“‘It’s unfortunate that the Medical Society of the State of New York has changed their position, but the National American Medical Association remains opposed to this legislation,’ said Max Rodriguez, Manager of Government Affairs for the Center for Disability Rights. ‘They view doctors as healers. Really what we need is suicide prevention and not an avenue for people to end their lives prematurely.'”

“Rodriguez worries [assisted suicide] will have a negative impact on vulnerable populations. He shared what he’d like to see instead.”

“‘What we really need is expanding palliative care, expanding hospice. What we should be doing is investing in community-based services, so people are able to live their final days at home surrounded by their friends and family,’ he said. ‘Nobody should be alone in a hospital in pain, and we will continue to do everything we can do to fight that.'”

Source: “Advocates continue push for Medical Aid in Dying,”

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