Disability Rights Advocates Speak Against Assisted Suicide

Two representatives of the disability rights community appeared on Capital Tonight to discuss their opposition to assisted suicide.

Since 2016, advocates of assisted suicide have been pushing for the state of New York to pass a law allowing physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. To date, the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide has been […]


Members Of Disability Rights Community Urge N.Y. Lawmakers To Reject Assisted Suicide Act

Advocates for people living with disabilities are concerned about people being pressured into the procedure.  “The biggest concern is, is this really a choice?” Alex Thompson, director of advocacy with the New York Association on Independent Living, told Capital Tonight. “We’ve […]


New York Could Join Growing Number of States Legalizing Medically Assisted Death

By Maggie Hroncich A years-long battle to legalize physician-assisted death is gaining traction in New York, as lawmakers there join those in a growing number of states who are considering the practice.  Proponents of the legislation say it would help […]


Sponsors Prioritizing Assisted Suicide This Session

By Ryan Whalen For nearly a decade, New York state Assemblymember Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale, has backed legislation to allow terminally ill patients to request pharmaceuticals for the purpose of speeding up their deaths and providing legal protections to the physicians […]


Big Issue Bills Move To Next Legislative Session

By Jamie DeLine “Anita Cameron with the organization, Not Dead Yet, is happy the [assisted suicide] legislation didn’t pass this year, saying she worries it will have a negative effect on marginalized communities and believes in focusing on palliative care.” […]


Legislative Session Concludes With Win Against Assisted Suicide

Albany, NY— New York’s 2023 regular legislative session is over, and assisted suicide legislation has failed—despite an end-of-session push—to receive approval in the State Senate or in the State Assembly. This is welcome news. Assisted suicide bills have been introduced […]


Statement by the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide Opposing Assisted Suicide Proposal

Albany, NY—Our coalition strongly opposes the so-called Medical Aid in Dying Act (A.995-A/S.2445-A), which would permit assisted suicide in New York State. While proponents position the legislation as “death with dignity” and empowering for people with serious diseases, the sad […]


A Letter To Legislative Leadership Regarding Assisted Suicide

Dear Leader Stewart-Cousins and Speaker Heastie: The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide (NYAAAS) is an association of diverse organizations and individuals committed to maintaining New York’s longstanding ban on assisted suicide. We write to reaffirm our strong opposition to […]


‘Death Tourism’: There’s A Growing Movement To Expand Assisted Suicide In The US

By Katelynn Richardson Diane Coleman, president of the anti-assisted suicide disability rights group Not Dead Yet, told the DCNF the states to watch are Massachusetts and New York, which the “well-funded organizations that push these bills” have been targeting the most. “New […]

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