Physician-Assisted Suicide Flatlines In Albany

For several years now, advocates have been working hard to add New York to the list of states that have legalized physician-assisted suicide. They have failed in 2019. This year’s regular legislative session has come to a close without a […]


Aid In Dying At Odds With A Doctor’s Role

In the letter “Assisted suicide poses no threat,” June 7, the writer advocates medical aid in dying, also known as assisted suicide, due to reported benefits it brings in communication around end-of-life care and hospice utilization, without causing heightened risk […]


Assisted Suicide Opponents Make The Case Against ‘Medical Aid In Dying’

Kristen Hanson, Community Relations Advocate at the Patient’s Rights Action Fund, and Stephanie Woodward, Director of Advocacy at the Center for Disability Rights and member of ADAPT, spoke with the Capitol Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter about assisted suicide. It’s an EXCELLENT […]


Letter: Assisted Suicide Dangerous Policy

The state Legislature did well when it rejected previous bills to legalize assisted suicide; it should do so again this session. Assisted suicide is an inherently discriminatory and dangerous public policy. The supposed “safeguards” are hollow and these laws send […]


Disability Rights Advocates Strongly Oppose Assisted Suicide Practices

“Disability rights advocates gathered in the state capital [May 29, 2019] to talk about the dangers of controversial assisted suicide practices.” “The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide strongly opposes the law for multiple reasons.” “They say it gives insurers […]


MEDIA ADVISORY: Patient and Disability Rights Advocates To Warn Of The Dangers Of Assisted Suicide

What: Patient and disability rights advocates will hold a news conference to warn of the dangers of legalized assisted suicide in their state. Assembly Bill A2694 and Senate Bill S3947 are currently in their respective Health Committees. Who: Kristen Hanson, […]


MSSNY Maintains Opposition To Assisted Suicide

The following statement can be attributed to Arthur Fougner, MD, President, Medical Society of the State of New York: “As physicians, we value the importance of each person’s life. There are great disparities in access and quality of care at […]


Cancer Doc: Don’t Abandon Patients At The End Of Life By Enabling Assisted Suicide

By Dr. Alan Carver We need only look back to the 2016 election to remember that polling can often be misrepresented and requires careful scrutiny. Even when interested parties refer to their own polling as “truth,” (“5 truths about New […]


Op-ed: The Dangers Of Allowing Assisted Suicide

By Kristen Hanson Assemblyman Kevin Cahill did well when he voted against previous bills to legalize assisted suicide in New York. Assisted suicide bills are inherently discriminatory and they make for dangerous public policy that puts a great number of […]

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