NYAAAS Responds To Asm. Reyes’ Assisted Suicide Rationale

Albany, NY (01/14/2021)—Earlier today, Assemblymember Karines Reyes (D-Bronx) provided an interview stating her support for physician assisted suicide. The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide offered the following response: “The most troubling part of the discussion revolved around the issue […]


Assisted Suicide Laws A Danger To Disabled

By Kristen Hanson The letter “Aid-in-dying empowers patients to make decision,” April 11, argues the availability of assisted suicide is empowering; however, assisted suicide devalues the lives of individuals with disabilities and diminishes patient choice by creating perverse incentives for […]


Aid In Dying Bill Is Flawed Legislation

The New York State Medical Aid in Dying Act is really an assisted suicide bill [“Prioritize Medical Aid in Dying Bill,” Just Sayin’, March 21]. It is gravely flawed. Normalizing any suicide counteracts the resources allocated toward suicide prevention programs. […]


Palliative Care Must Be More Accessible

By Dr. Tom Putnam The New York State Legislature should promote skilled end-of-life care rather than focusing on ending life prematurely. The International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care recently published (Journal of Palliative Medicine 2017; 20:8-13) a studied position […]


Stand Up For The Vulnerable Disabled

By Jessica Rodgers As a social work intern with the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, I advocate for all individuals to live as independently as possible in the community. I also oppose the dangerous assisted suicide legislation that […]


State’s assisted suicide bill imperils elder citizens

By Dr. Sally White In 20 years of working with geriatric patients, I have seen the frightened faces, emaciated and bruised bodies, and the hopelessness of abuse victims. My patients taught me the five types of elder abuse: neglect, financial […]


Life A Gift We Cannot Take Through Assisted Suicide

By Victor Gelfuso New York’s Medical Aid in Dying Act is the key that would open Pandora’s box. For centuries, most medical professionals took a Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm” and “never administer a poison to anybody when […]


Assisted Suicide Laws Are Lethal Discrimination Against Old, Ill and Disabled People

By Diane Coleman Assisted suicide may understandably be viewed as an easy way to die, but a closer look reveals inherent dangers that should lead to second thoughts. First, assisted suicide is not needed to ensure that we can die […]


New York Doctors Urge Legislators To Reject Medical Aid In Dying Law

Written by Erin Hannan Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are urging state lawmakers to oppose the Medical Aid in Dying Act this session, and instead, promote palliative care and hospice care for terminal patients. They stood with the New […]

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