Controversial Medical Ethics Language Fails

According to its website, the purpose of the World Medical Association (WMA) “is to serve humanity by endeavoring to achieve the highest international standards in Medical Education, Medical Science, Medical Art and Medical Ethics, and Health Care for all people […]


Medically Assisted Suicide Is A Slippery Slope

By William F.B. O’Reilly A bill kicking around the State Legislature for the past several years is gathering a head of steam in the final weeks of the session. It would expressly allow physician-assisted suicides in New York for the […]


Should Terminally Ill Patients Have The Right To End Their Lives?

“‘These [Assisted suicide] policies are especially a danger to people with disabilities of all ages,’ explained Diane Coleman of the disability advocacy group, Not Dead Yet.” “Coleman said she’s studied other states where medical aid in dying is already in […]


Suicide—Assisted Or Otherwise—Is Not A Solution

As New York lawmakers return to Albany to kick off the home stretch of the 2022 legislative session, the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide (NYAAAS) is pleased to note that physician-assisted suicide legislation (Bill S.6471-Savino/A.4321-Paulin) has not advanced in […]


Provide People With Disabilities Supports To Live, Not Tools To Die

By Anita Cameron The New York state Legislature is expected to review A4321 and S6471, the latest in a succession of fundamentally flawed (and, to date, all defeated) assisted suicide bills this spring. This activity comes at a time when the culture hasn’t […]


Assisted Suicide Puts All Groups At Risk

By Dr. Paul Sansone I read with interest the opinion that, in states where physician aid in dying is legal, there does not appear to have been any disproportionate impact with the use of this act upon persons with disabilities, […]


Assisted Suicide Endangers The Disabled

By Melvyn R. Tanzman and Lisa Tarricone As longtime disability rights advocates, we have seen our lives marginalized and devalued by the medical establishment. We agree with the principle of a right to self-determination; however, a balanced perspective of assisted-suicide […]


Dr. Bukowski Believes Assisted Suicide Is “Bad Medicine”

By Dr. Stanley Bukowski In the Dec. 14 Buffalo News column Another Voice, the author advocates legalizing “assisted dying” for competent adults with terminal disease. His scenario compares suffering on hospital machines versus peacefully dying by medication at home amidst […]


Assisted Suicide Puts Pressure On The Elderly And Disabled

By Diane Coleman Anyone who has received a health insurance denial knows something about the cost cutting pressures in the health care system. I have good employer sponsored insurance, but just received my second denial in two years of breathing […]

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