NY Doctors ‘Refuse To Abandon Patients’ At Rally Against Assisted Suicide

A group of doctors and advocates against suicide gathered at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 4 to oppose efforts to legalize assisted suicide in the state. The Medical Aid in Dying Act, or S.3947/A.2694, was introduced in […]


Cahill wants study before medical aid in dying law is adopted in New York state

By Paul Kirby KINGSTON, N.Y. — Assemblyman Kevin Cahill is objecting to legislation that calls for making assisted suicide legal in New York state. Cahill, D-Kingston, says he supports the concept of allowing the terminally ill to take advantage of […]


Against Physician-Assisted Suicide: A New Law Would Feed A Throwaway Culture

By Charles Camosy There will be a renewed push to legalize physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in New York State in 2020. Some think of this as a debate between religious and secular activists, the former in favor of traditional morals and rules and […]


State Should Not Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide

By Dr. Stanley Bukowski Legalization of physician-prescribed lethal medication for terminal patients, even on request, is bad medicine. This is eliminating the sufferer, not the suffering. It is both unnecessary and dangerous. Twenty years’ experience in Oregon shows that “Inadequate […]


State Should Not Let Doctors Become Suicide Enablers

By Philip Reed Earlier this year, the American Medical Association voted to uphold its longstanding opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The AMA says assisted suicide is “fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, […]


Letter: Assisted Suicide Column Contains Disputable Points

By Kristen Hanson Several claims about assisted suicide that were made in an opinion piece published Nov. 21 were dangerous and inaccurate. The author of the piece, who belongs to a national organization pushing for the legalization of assisted suicide across the […]


Former State AG Vacco Hasn’t Changed Stance Against Assisted Suicide

By Dan M. Clark New York’s former top attorney remains opposed to efforts to allow terminally ill people to end their own life nearly a decade after he defended the state’s ban on the practice at the U.S. Supreme Court. […]


Our Problem With Assisted Suicide: Why Disability Advocates Worry About Making It Easier For Physicians To Help New Yorkers Die

By Meghan Parker Proponents of New York’s physician-assisted suicide bill seem perplexed by the strong opposition from disability activists. But doesn’t the bill only apply to adults who are expected to die within six months so they can control when […]


Study Says Assisted Suicide Rife With Dangers To People With Disabilities

By Michael Cook The National Council on Disability (NCD) has released a scathing analysis of the effect of assisted suicide laws in the United States on people with disabilities. It finds that safeguards are ineffective and that there is little oversight of […]

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