Commentary: Shortening life to end suffering is troubling

By Dr. Thomas J. Madejski Most physicians are deeply troubled by the potential abandonment of patients when they are in their greatest need of our skill and compassion. As president of the Medical Society of the State of New York […]


Marine Widow Pleads with Lawmakers to Oppose Assisted Suicide

Wife of the late activist J.J. Hanson joins doctors urging NY Assembly to kill “Medical Aid in Dying” bill By Bill McMorris The widow of Marine-turned-anti-euthanasia activist J.J. Hanson is asking lawmakers to vote down a bid to legalize assisted […]


Alliance Partners Speak Out At Assisted Suicide Hearing

Albany, NY – Today, doctors, patients, caregivers and advocates for persons with disabilities will gather in the Legislative Office Building as a show of opposition to legislation (A.2383-A), a bill that would repeal New York’s constitutional and long-standing ban on physician-assisted […]


Oregon Legislation Opens Door To Euthanasia

Assisted suicide advocates often point to the State of Oregon—where physician-assisted suicide has been legal since 1997—as proof that physician-assisted suicide laws do not lead to unforeseen negative consequences and do not create a “slippery slope” toward further infringements upon […]


Should terminally ill in N.Y. have access to assisted suicide?

The Medical Aid in Dying Act has been stalled in the state Senate's Health Committee since March 2016.(Associated Press photo)

By Clifford Michel STATEN ISLAND, NY – A group of state legislators and advocates renewed their push Tuesday for terminally ill patients to have access to life-ending drugs. Still, organizations ranging from the Archdiocese of New York to a slew […]


J.J. Hanson dies at 36: The former Marine with brain cancer was an outspoken opponent of assisted suicide

By Emily Belz Activist J.J. Hanson, a vocal opponent of assisted suicide, died Dec. 30, more than three years after receiving a terminal diagnosis for brain cancer. He was 36. He is survived by his wife, Kristen, and two sons, […]


J.J. Hanson, Opponent Of Assisted Suicide, Dies

By Claire Hughes J.J. Hanson, who worked in Albany and other state capitals to prevent passage of legislation permitting physician assisted suicide, died Saturday, according to press releases from advocacy groups. Hanson, who was 36, is survived by his wife […]


J.J. Hanson, Aide To Two New York Governors, Dies At 36

By Kenneth Lovett ALBANY – A former Marine who suffered from brain cancer and became a vocal opponent of physician-assisted suicide died Saturday. J.J. Hanson, who also once a former aide to Govs. Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson, was 36. […]


State’s Highest Court Rules There Is No Constitutional Right To Assisted Suicide

by JAMES GORMLEY, The Legislative Gazette, September 7, 2017 New Yorkers do not have a constitutional right to “aid-in-dying” drugs and procedures, according to a decision by the state’s highest court released Thursday. The New York State Court of Appeals […]

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