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Palliative Care Must Be More Accessible

By Dr. Tom Putnam The New York State Legislature should promote skilled end-of-life care rather than focusing on ending life prematurely. The International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care recently published (Journal of Palliative Medicine 2017; 20:8-13) a studied position […]

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I lost my husband to cancer. I’m forever thankful he didn’t choose assisted suicide.

By Kristen Hanson The so-called “death with dignity” movement gives in to despair and preys on terminally ill patients when they are most vulnerable. On Dec. 30, 2017, as snowflakes fell outside his window, my husband and the love of my […]

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‘Every single day is a gift’: This dying man openly opposed assisted suicide in his last days

By Lindsey Bever There was a time — several months after J.J. Hanson was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but several years before he died from it — when, he once said, he might have considered ending it all. The husband […]

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We Are All Dying, And We Are All Living People

By Lynda Holler To quote Dr. Adams, Kenny’s Palliative Care Physician at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, “I don’t think of anybody as a dying person, I think of him or her as a living person. We are […]

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There Is Hope

By Kathleen M. Gallagher As former Vice President Joe Biden recently reminded us as he discussed his late son’s battle with brain cancer during a television appearance, “You’ve got to maintain hope. There is always hope.” Yes there is. Where […]

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